Boat Services


AKTIO MARINA, since it’s establishement, led by the excellent technical staff training, emphasizing the provision of technical services to private and commercial boats.

Participating in all phases of development of Greek yaching, invested in machinery, spare parts and tools to complete redusing the time and cost of repair of all types of boats.



  • Hauling and launching with travel lift 100tn
  • Hauling and launching with trailer 70 tn
  • Hauling on iron duckboards of heavy type
  • Water jet cleaning
  • Water and power supply for every boat
  • General boat maintenance for wintering
  • Maintenance and repair of marine engines
  • Application of antifouling paint
  • Polishing – waxing
  • Painting
  • Polyester works
  • Repair – construction works on the stainless parts of the boat
  • Repairing of fridges & air-conditions, supply with freon
  • Sandblasting cleaning
  • Antiosmotic protection
  • Electric – electronic repairs
  • Washing – repairing of sails, covers, rigging, masts
  • Wood works
  • Crane for the removal of masts and engines
  • Refuelling
  • Lifeboat inspection
  • Marine store
  • Roofed place for the carrying out of works
  • Plumbing repairs
  • spare parts store