Aktio Marina

AKTIO MARINA is built in privately owned facilities which were purchased in 1992 and the operation began in 1997. It holds a private fenced area with a capacity of 600 dry dock seats.

The founders of AKTIO MARINA, Nikos Dimopoulos and Giannis Dimopoulos, whose experience with sailing and cruising dates back to 1978, offer their services and work in the field they are fond of.

One Travel lift 100tn and  two heavy duty boat trailers,70 and 40 tons each one,allow us to fulfill all our prospects for accomplishing the latest technology and safety specs.

Our specialized personnel will be glad to offer high-class services, always in a friendly atmosphere, and will be at your side during your stay, lending you their knowledge and experience and providing all the necessary information you might need.

We will be glad to assist you.